Dec 28, 2015

Monday Dec 28 Most of the Christmas flury is over.  like most I ate too much, especially sweets,  and kept a few late nights which I yet  have to recover from. I am well pleased to report that my experience of revival has continued through the season,  little diminished.  I had a couple of really […]

Revival is victory over sin

Sin.  The very word is almost an archaism these days.  We have replaced the notion of sin with  trauma and disability, and addiction, mania  and phobia and  a host of other words .  The psychotherapist community  has not been slow coming up with an exhausting jargon for the struggles of humanity. However, as the bible […]

Honoring Holiness

In the blog personal revival now, I emphasized the critical importance of confession, and repentance happening  in one’s life, before they embrace spiritual disciplines. .  This is because of the law of holiness. God is Holy and before He can entrust us with the Holy Spirit , ( the law of the Spirit of Life […]

Personal Revival Now

Revival is first of all personal.  And there is nothing stopping any of us from being revived.  In fact being revived is our duty and it is not too difficult to be revived.  You my reader can experience revival just  by reading this blog and following the direction that I will give you. And it […]