If Revival were a riding lawn mower

If Revival were a riding lawn mower


Jack minor Nov 2015




My dear son.


I was thinking today that I have not shown you the riding lawn mower. It is under a tarp in the old barn, the one back by the slough.   I will send you a picture but for now it is like a small tractor. It has a MOTOR in the front that makes a loud noise , four tires and under the cage at the bottom are two blades that whirl around and cut the grass. I have never seen it working but I have read a great deal about riding lawn mowers. It is said that a riding lawn mower can cut many acres of grass in a day. Yes acres and since the operator is riding he doesn’t get tired like we do with our push mowers.   I pray that one day you will see a riding lawn mower working.


I have been keeping our small lawn around the house nice and trimmed with our push mower but its getting harder now.   And none of the neighbors mow any of their lawns at all. Linden and hazelnut trees are growing up in their yards and the suckers are continually coming into my yard and it is difficult to stay ahead of them.


You know the forest in the center of town, with all the blackberrys and bushes. Once when riding lawn mowers were working it was a great lawn. I have never seen it myself but my father said his father told him about it. The men who worked for the city would come in with their riding lawn mowers twice a week and the great lawn was always trimmed and beautiful. Everyone would go there to walk and picnic and there were no thieves at all there like there are now. That’s what grandfather said.


I wish I could get our riding lawn mower to work. I try to talk to the lawn mower mechanics about it but all they want to do is sell me the latest version of a push mower. They say riding lawn mowers are a thing of the past. We don’t need them anymore. I disagree but they all ridicule me.   Everybody thinks I am crazy. They say I am proud and unteachable.


I found a manual for the riding lawn mower with instructions on how to start maintain and use it.   I can understand it and I am sure I could do it, but I am a little afraid . The manual says you have to have a charged battery and gas in the tank and when you turn the key in the ignition the lawn mower will start. I have the key and it fits in the ignition but the lawn mower mechanics say that key doesn’t work anymore. The lawn mower mechanics say that you have to be a very special lawn mower mechanic to start riding lawn mowers.   And they say you have to have a garage for it, and a trailer and special lawn mower gifting and I don’t have any of those things. Another thing everybody says is that riding lawn mowers start all by themselves.   Everybody says that as though they really know. I find that interesting since nobody I know has ever seen a riding mower start by itself or any other way for that matter The manual says that somebody has to start the motor but nobody seems to care what the manual says. We have been waiting a very long time, and none of our riding lawn mowers have started by themselves. I really don’t think its going to happen that way.


I am not the only one who thinks this way. There are many people who believe in riding lawn mowers.   And we are all sure that one day we will get our riding lawn mowers started and working again.   We meet once a week on Friday nite for a lawn mower prayer meeting. We pray for a couple of hours that the riding lawn mowers will start and begin cutting grass like they did a hundred years ago. We pray that we will be worthy and that God will raise up a great lawn mower mechanic to guide us all into mowing great swaths of lawn. Maybe even reclaiming the town parks. Wouldn’t that be great.


Hope to see you soon.


Your loving dad


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