Personal Revival Now

Revival is first of all personal.  And there is nothing stopping any of us from being revived.  In fact being revived is our duty and it is not too difficult to be revived.  You my reader can experience revival just  by reading this blog and following the direction that I will give you. And it is wonderful to be revived.  Eternity is at stake so don’t procrastinate. Be revived, now.   The directions I will give you I received from Charles Finney, they are not mine.

But before I go on I want to say a bit about my personality and my writing method.  By personality I am not a highly organized person and I tend strongly toward procrastination.  I do a lot of research but I am not filling notebooks with quotes and scripture references as I know I ought.  And so I have a dilemma.  Should I wait until I have the supporting documentation to write the essay or should I write the essay and then go back and find the scriptures and quotes to support my arguments. I have chosen the latter in order to overcome my habit of procrastination. This is an important blog post, and I must, in the Lord, publish it, even with the defects.   As John Wesley is reported to have said,  ”  Oh Lord, give us revival without the defects,  but if we cant have it without defects still  we must have revival”  Even that quote is from memory and is probably not perfectly quoted, sigh.  I beg your indulgence therefore and promise that as  I am able I will provide the scriptural support for this teaching.

Revival is not an emotional experience. Revival is not healings and miracles. Revival is simply coming alive in God as the Law of the Spirit of Life sets us free from the Law of sin and death.   Romans 8:2   Watchman Nee, the Chinese Bible Scholar teaches that the law of sin relates to evil that we do , and the law of death relates to the good that we want to do but do not do. Romans 7:15    When you are set free from the law of sin and death you will not be drawn to sin, and you will  be drawn to doing good. In fact you will not be able to sin and you won’t be able not to do good.

We know that professing christians sin a lot.  I certainly did and i was a pastor. We have all the statistics about  what percentage of pastors and youth leaders are addicted to pornography for instance.  None of them and no  one else is deceived regarding  how disgusting and evil pornography is. And yet otherwise good men are continually doing it. Why?  The law of sin.  We know that it is virtually impossible to get people to attend prayer meetings.  And yet everybody agrees that the most important,most noble thing we all should be doing,  alone in our prayer closets, and together in prayer meetings is praying.  Why then do we find it so hard to pray.  The law of death.   We are still being controlled by these two laws even though we believe in Christ, and the work of the cross and have given our lives to Jesus.   How can this be.  I believe it is because we have not confessed our sins,  repented of them, and made amends.  There is an sequence  to spiritual things that we must follow in order to be set free from the Law of sin and death and confession of sins and full repentance including amends is the first item on that agenda.  It cannot be skipped.

Some people characterize the revival experience as sanctification and consider it as ” second work of grace” or the ” second trip to the cross”  I am coming to the opinion that this second work is only necessary because the first trip to the cross was defective.   We are taught ,wrongly, that by accepting Jesus as our savior that we are forgiven . We say the sinners prayer , admitting that we are sinners,  and asking for forgiveness and are taught, again wrongly,  that we are thereby forgiven and and are now full members of the church.  The truth is that God requires us to confess our sins, not our sin.  Sin is not forgiven. Sin is condemned  Romans 8:3 ” And so He condemned sin in sinful man ”   The cross makes provision for the forgiveness of sins ( plural ) IF we confess our sins and repent.  1 John 1:9 ” If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Which brings us to a very important question. Which sins do we need to confess in order to be cleansed from All Unrighteousness ?  The answer of course is ALL our Sins,  and when one seriously sits down to  do this work the list of sins becomes almost daunting.  Confessing of sins is a tough job, often very painful even horrifying but the reward for  doing this hard job  is fantastic.   Finney,  who without a  doubt was the most articulate of all revivalists in History,  preached sin.  He put before people the list of sins and made it abundantly clear that it was their responsability and theirs alone to confess and repent of their sin.  He made it very clear that it was in no way Gods job to deal with your sins.   Confessing sins is work but it is not works righteousness.  The only reason a righteous God can or will forgive the sins you confess is because Jesus bled and died on Calvary to bear the punishment for your sins.  We confess our sins, by faith,  that in doing so, He will be faithful and just and will forgive us our sins.

This leads to another question. When do you know that you have completed confessing  and repenting of all your sins and have been forgiven of all your sins.  I believe that you will know when the Holy Spirit testifies with your spirit that you are a child of God. Romans 8:16   Finney  considered it a  travesty for someone to  proclaim to a seeker that he had become  saved thereby short circuiting this serious process.  Nobody but God knows when you have completed this task, and have repented to His satisfaction.  And you should keep at it until He informs you that you have finished the task.  Which by the way leads us to the next item  in the sequence. Repentence.

Finney made it clear that full repentence meant that you had come to hate, loath and despise the sins you confessed.   Consider the sin of smoking.  Most Christians would agree that smoking is sin, even though  many continue to do so.  Finney would say that they continue to smoke because they love smoking.   Not a very controversial conclusion.  They may have confessed smoking as sin, but they have in no way repented of it and have no intention of repenting any time soon.   One could even say they have not truly confessed it for confession means to agree with God regarding something.  If God considers something  loathsome, confession means that I choose to agree that it is indeed loathsome.   When it is pointed out to Christian smokers  that smoking is a sin, that they ought to repent of they may respond with Romans 8:1,  ” There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  or  Who are you to judge.  Or again I will quite smoking when I am ready, or  perhaps  I will quit when the lord takes it away.

Judging an act as being sinful is not condemnation. Condemnation is rejection and destruction.  Pointing out sin is discipline, even punishment but it is not condemnation. Hebrews 12: 6 And it is not a judging of the person but of the act    To say I will quit when i am ready is stubborn rebellion against the revealed will of God, no different from a teenager saying I will wash the dishes when I want to.  Putting the onus on God, saying I will quit when the lord takes it away is perhaps the most evil evasion of all for it makes our most Holy Lord complicit in your sin.

If you wish to be revived today,  confess ALL your sins NOW, and agree Totally with God, that they are  evidence of stubborn rebellion and of being controlled by the law of sin and death. Accept all the responsability for your sins.   Repent of each sin,  choosing never to do it again and choosing to hate the sin.  Confess the sin to everyone who you have  hurt because of that sin , ( unless to do so would in itself be hurtful )  and make a serious vow to make every amends for every sin to the full extent of your ability.   This will please God immensely,  He will reward you with the experience of His pleasure and He will give you the Holy Spirit, so that the law of the Spirit of Life will set you free from the law of sin and death..

Being set free from the law of sin and death you will discover a new freedom and joy and pleasure in the spiritual disciplines.  In particular you will love to pray and search Gods word. You will love your family, and serve them with diligence and honor.  Your revival will be reflected in everything you do. You will pay back old debts. You will connect with neglected family members and friends. You will tithe and give to missions. You will find a new joy in Christian books and sermons.  You will discover the Holy Spirit teaching you, and leading you and using you in ways you have never imagined.  And it is an exciting life.  Malachi describes the life of those who are revived.   Malachi 4:2,3  ” But for you who revere my name , the sun of righteousness will arise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall . Then you will trample down the wicked , they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on the day when I do these things says the Lord Almighty.

As you confess your sins here is a list to help you be thorough.

Galations 5:19

But the sins of the flesh are obvious, sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery, idolatry and witchcraft, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions , factions, and envy drunkenss, orgies,  and the like.

Dishonesty, deceitfulness,  lying, slander, gossip,   unfaithfulness , racial hatred and contempt. Contempt for the poor.   Mistreatment of the body through substance abuse, gluttany,  or  laziness.   Vanity ( being highly concerned about matters of little importance ) ( spending unneccessary  amounts on makeup, clothing,  housing,   furniture,  vehicles, toys, games,  tatoos ect.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, work, food,  games, gambling,  cell phones,  internet social media,

Worship  of and infatuation toward celebrities  , the modern idolatry.

Seeking worldly pleasure in depictions of sex, violence,  cruelty,  anarchy and disorder ,  horror,  deception,  and everything satanic ( demons , zombies,  vampires,   witches and witchcraft,   ect.

Sins of omission.

lack of love toward God,  prayerlessness,  lack of protecting our families and loved ones through intercessory prayer,  lack of generosity.  lack of love toward our Christian brethren,  ignoring the word of God,  Spiritual complacency,  indifference to the spiritual need of the unsaved.   indifference to the  sufferings of the poor.

Sins of pride and arrogance.   Need to be right, argumentative,   love of controversy,   unteachable and  unreceptive to correction   ( in a sense all sins are an expression of pride and all repentence includes the desire to be bent and broken by the Lord.

How long does this it take to confess All your sins.  As long as it takes.  But a day or two, or at most  a week should be sufficient.  It depends mostly on how seriously you set about the task and how committed you are to removing all elements of rebellion from your life.  If you find yourself suffering a great deal of guilt and anguish it is because of a double mind. Resolve to fully repent and your guilt and anguish will be washed away in the  torrent of God’s love for you.

Do you need any help to do this.  NO.  You know what to do,  make up your mind to do it and get it done.  It is like trekking in the wilderness. You come to a cold mountain stream and you just know that crossing that stream will be a brutal experience.  But you also know that on the other side you will build a fire and soon you will be dried off and warm and the beautiful alpine adventure will continue. The gain is well worth the pain. Or as the Apostle Paul says in Romans * 18  I consider our present sufferings not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us.”   Paul  was speaking, in this verse,   of persecution, a far greater suffering than that of  merely confessing our sins.  How much less worthy is this suffering to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.

Revival is only a prayer away. A prayer of confession, apology, repentence and a commitment to amends.

Looking forward to hearing about your Revival Now.

Jack Minor























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