Revival is the product of …?

Revival is the product of revivalists, much like houses are the products of carpenters.  It is a rather obvious observation, I would think, but strangely it is does not seem to be obvious to most Christians.  You will hear many people praying for revival, without the slightest mention of the need for revivalists.   In fact I have never hear anyone use the word, revivalist, in a modern context. It is almost as if the concept itself were taboo.  People don’t blush at all when they call themselves prophets or even apostles but revivalist is another story.   No one would dare call themselves a revivalist, except for me ( as far as I know anyways ) .  I am a revivalist.  What qualifies me to say that.  Well first off all I am revived, which is the first and most necessary qualification of a revivalist. Secondly I am a serious student of revivals, and  the theology that is an intrinsic part of revival. And thirdly I am committed to ( in Finney’s simple words ) ” Getting up a Revival “.   I am not saying I am a great revivalist, or even a good one, but I am a revivalist and even a garden variety revivalist is much better than no revivalist at all. Actually I don’t think it is really that complex a matter to become a revivalist. I am not saying it is easy, just not that complex. In the historical revivals,  everyone involved became a revivalist, as they ran up and down the streets singing hymns, witnessing, and calling everyone to the revival meetings. This is why revivals often experience explosively  exponential growth. As people experience revival,  and the joyous relationship with Christ that ensues, they become exuberant champions of revival itself , which,  by the way, is a great definition of a revivalist.

If you long to see revival come to your city and country,  would you be willing to become a revivalist.  Would you be willing to ” preach a revival” in homes and tiny halls and wherever folk will invite you to speak. Surely it is no sin to put yourself forward and ask the lord if that might be where He would have you serve.  And if you cannot possibly see yourself becoming a revivalist ( or a least public speaker revivalist ) would you dedicate yourself to supporting revivalists in prayer, in giving, in becoming part of their ministry team, in opening up your home, in inviting friends and foe to the revival meetings.

Personally I would really love to preach revival in home meetings, where six or ten are gathered.  Even the great revivals of history started small, and there have been enumerable revivals that never made it into the history books.

Finally lets not pray for revival any more. Lets pray for revivalists, for surely if the Lord sends revivalists, revival itself will not be far behind.


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