Bible for Children, Mission Fest Reports

Superwonderful reports of amazing things God is doing today  from Mission’s Fest 2016.  I am so blessed by what I received at Mission’s Fest that I must share it with you. God is so wonderful. What He has done, and what He is doing is so encouraging. My faith took a tremendous boost. I was […]

Finding Balance, Diary entry Jan 27

Jan 27 I havn’t added to my diary for some time now, but I have still been experiencing the Revival of God and am advancing in the Lord. Scripture memorization has been a very important part of my discipline.  I have memorized Romans ch 8.  Hebrews ch 12, Psalm 91, and now I am memorizing […]

Courageous, a book review

Courageous is a novelization by Randy Alcorn, based on the screenplay by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick. It is a “Christian” novel  more accurately  a  fable, about a group of policeman, in the deep south,  who, are struggling with their roles of husband and father, compounded by the significant stress and challenge of policing.   […]