Revival Meeting in Matsqui

On Sat morning I shared the testimony of my personal revival with a small mens breakfast group in matsqui village.  As meetings go it couldn’t get much smaller ,  and still qualify as a meeting, counting myself we were six, but it was a delightful beginning with a great group of men.  It wasn’t what i had hoped for or expected but still it was a rich and rewarding experience for me, and I trust for the men as well.   I had really wanted to sing, but we were in the corner of what became a very crowed restaurant so singing was out. And I had wanted to lecture,   but the men all wanted to talk so lecturing was out,  and so  I was cast back upon my group facilitation skills,  and had to weave my testimony into the discussion.

The day before, Jan 1, i had spent the whole day in prayer and Bible reading, something I can’t remember ever doing before.  During this time i did some listening prayer with the Lord.  I went to my happy place in prayer, the bank of a river under the shade of large poplar trees.  The Lord met me there and said come with me and led me away from the river into the high alpine, a place  i well remember from when I  had hiked in the Rainbow Range mountains of Tweedsmere Park.  The Lord and I sat down  on a large rock beside a rivilet, too small to be considered even a brook.  It gurgled as it fell from tiny pool to pool, among the purple heather and other alpine flowers.  He pointed it out to me, and His message was plain.  Revival begins here, high on the lonely mountain in the little rivilets of our individual lives.   And that meeting with those five lovely men was one of those rivelets,  certainly not to be despised for its  lowliness.   Without these rivilets there would be no great rivers,sweeping away to the sea.

Something one of the men shared caught my attention.  He said that he had often prayed for Jesus to reveal Himself to him.  He would close his eyes and pray and pray and pray and would hope and believe that when he opened his eyes he would see a revelation of Jesus  One day, when doing this, he opened his eyes and saw a bird.  Just an ordinary bird, but this time he realized there is nothing ordinary about a bird.  This time he saw the glory of creation,  the wonder of God’s creativeness. the beauty of the Lord.  He in fact saw a revelation of Jesus. And this is very much what revival is all about..  It is having our eyes opened to what God had already done,and is already doing. Revival is all around us. Revival is just about  the cross,  but realizing there is nothing JUST about the cross.  The love Hymn of the Welsh revival  is much about realizing the immensity and glory of Christs work on the cross.  Revival is not just conviction upon sinners of their need for salvation, it is also conviction upon saints  to see the cross again with spirit anointed eyes. The second verse of that glorious hymn,  Here is love vast as the ocean,  attempts to capture the height, depth and breadth of the cross.   it goes as follows

On the mount of crucifiction , fountains opened deep and wide                   thru the floodgates of God’s mercy, flowed a vast and gracious tide        Love and mercy like  great rivers, poured incessant from above                  and heaven’s peace and perfect justice, kissed a guilty world in love.

may the Lord grant us,  eyes to see, and ears that hear, and a heart that feels, and responds to the voice of the Spirit.










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