Bible for Children, Mission Fest Reports

Superwonderful reports of amazing things God is doing today  from Mission’s Fest 2016.  I am so blessed by what I received at Mission’s Fest that I must share it with you. God is so wonderful. What He has done, and what He is doing is so encouraging. My faith took a tremendous boost. I was humbled,  taught, amazed,  and blessed far beyond my expectations.  It will take me a few days to share all that is in my heart. But I want to start with a very simple story and example.  Bible For Children.

Bible for Children ( provides 60 free online cartoon bible stories for children in over 100 languages.  In the last four years they have had more than 20 million downloads.  Every family and child should know about this. Christians who wish  to teach children in their church or homes, can teach these stories directly from their computer or  can download the black and white coloring book version of the story.  Bibleforchildren is the vision and work of Gregory Stetski and wife ( apologies for not remembering her name) a couple from Winnipeg Manitoba. The potential impact of this ministry is staggering.  It reaches into every country of the world, in every major language group.   They average five million downloads each year of which a large majority are in English and Spanish. Although all sixty stories are available in English and Spanish and in some of the other languages,   many of the languages such as Tamil or Sinhalese have one six stories each at this time. Their vision and earnest desire is  to provide all sixty stories in every language but they need the assistance of  fluent speakers in every language who will  volunteer to translate stories into their own language, and this is all done online. Do you write in a language that they don’t yet make available. Contact them and offer your translation services and soon these stories will be available in the language you and  your children speak as well.  What can you do.  Download on of their stories  and share it on facebook or linkedin so that all your facebook friends will learn about it thru you.  Pray that many volunteers will step forword to help with translations. Pray that children and their parents from around the world will discover this glorious access into Gods word. And pray God’s blessing on the Stetski family as they continue to provide this delightful ministry to children around the world

Blessings to all



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