Canadian Grandmother rescues Mexican Prostitutes, reports from missions fest

Bopping about Mission’s fest ( I was bopping indeed ) I came across a booth womaned by a fairly elderly woman and she piqued my curiosity. What is this OLD ONE doing here ?  So I asked her. As she began telling me her story my tears began falling.  About 12 years ago she, Dorothy Greatrex , had gone to Mexico for a short term stint as a volunteer in a prostitute rehab center.  The center is turns out was one filthy room, with one broken toilet for 40 women and some with children.  The youngest was 13, a girl who never spoke.  The ladies on arrival were given one cloth with which to wash themselves, deal with menstruation and to clean their bottoms after toilet.   In short it was a hell hole.  As Dorothy was serving here as a volunteer a staff person arrived with the news that the never speaking 13 year old girl was to go home.  This girl grabbed Dorothy, and cried please save me, dont make me leave, dont make me go home. Whatever  home was for this girl, it  was significantly worse than this hell hole.  It broke Dorothys heart. She returned to BC and sought the Lord on behalf of these girls  and one day He gave her a vision and a promise that she would build a true, God  honoring, healthy rehabilitation center for prostitutes and their children in Mexico.  She shared with her husband that God had given her this vision and promise, and began working to obtain visa’s and permits  for her project. All to no avail.  Doors slammed shut. No-one offered even hope.  Finally after years of frustration she gave up and reported to her husband that her quest was over. He replied to her, ” I thought you said this was from God. Did you lie to me ?” Dorothy’s husband refused to allow her to give up. As she tells the story,  God took over, and the doors began to open and today she is operating her rehabilitation center out of a private home. They have bought land and the beginnings of the center have been built, the wall and the gate.  Dorothy was at Missions Fest to recruit builders to go down to Mexico and help her finish her Rehabilition Center.  She was fighting for the girls, and she fought hard.  She womaned her booth well, and told her story over and over with the hopes of reaching men and women who would help her. Dorothy Greatrex is a true Nehemiah in our day.   May God Bless her and raise up gifted and wise builders to help her complete the walls.   I include the About page from Dorothy’s website



In 2003, Dorothy Greatrex, founder of New Beginnings, was serving at a rehab center in Baja California, Mexico where she met Maria.  Maria was an 11-year-old girl who had been sold by her family to an “uncle” who forced her to become a prostitute.  Maria survived an attempted suicide, recovered from an abortion and was sent to the rehab center to be cleaned up from her addictions and STDs.  When it was time for Maria to be released from the rehab, there was nowhere for her to turn to for help and so her ‘uncle’ came back for her and it was once again ‘business as usual’ for this little girl.  Dorothy never saw Maria again, but nor did she ever forget her.

What happened to Maria?  What would happen to other girls and women like Maria when they became older and were no longer ‘cute’ and no longer able to work as they had before?  Would they simply be discarded and replaced by another young girl? How would they survive with no education, no job skills, no life skills, no resources, and no facilities to help them?

These haunting questions were what drove Dorothy Greatrex to open New Beginnings Women’s Association in 2011.  When it finally opened, New Beginnings was the first facility of its kind in the region, a home for girls, women, and their children where they are truly given a second chance, a new beginning.


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