Button Gear, a Salute to Rotary

Written in July 2013 to celebrate my acceptance into Rotary

Button Gear         by Jack Minor

In the town he loves is a little band of noble ladies and gentle men                  They call themselves the Rotary cuz , well, er.  um…they get around, I guess                    Their symbol’s known round all the world, it’s honored and held dear.                                But  for all the world it looked to him, like just a button gear.                                           Still he had longed to wear the button gear, since he was only five                                    but he just didn’t make the grade,   well, he barely just survived.                                           He was not the valedictorian,  ahem.. he didn’t even graduate.                                                And every time his ship came in, he arrived  a little late.

He doesn’t do rocket surgery or forensic real estate,                                                               or know the recipe to cook the books,  or the laws to book the cooks.                                     He is just a lowly poet, he wrangles writhing rhyme.                                                               He sings, he acts, sometimes he writes,  sometimes he bores, sometimes delights.               His sixtieth birthday drawing near, he said, ” this is my year,                                                 I will make my play like Shakespeare, and get my button gear.”                                              The little band accepted him.. they did not mock or jeer.                                                         Now the town he loves is a better place, since he got his button gear.



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