God sets no traps , an excerpt from Let me be a Woman. by ELizabeth Elliot

It seems a reasonable expectation for any man who has a traditional view of God and of his own manhood, that he will be absolutely hammered on by feminists, who will feel entitled to treat him with utter contempt and call  him any manner of vile things. And it doesn’t seem  to make much difference whether the women behaving this way call themselves  Christians or not.   I for one am becoming more than just a little tired of it.  Recently I have been reading ” Let me be a woman by Elizabeth Elliot. It stands in sharp contrast to what is considered acceptable today and there is the ring of wisdom and grace in her words. In this book Mrs Elliot  is writing to her daughter Valerie who at this point in her life is standing on the edge of marriage and her career.   Allow me to quote:

“For the Christian woman whether she is married or single, there is the call to serve. A news magazine recently reported an adult course in ” Assertive Behavior”, which according to the descriptions of sample situations amounted to a course in boorishness. One lesson for example offered a course in escaping the ” compassion trap.” In response to this article a reader wrote, ” I cannot understand why a woman would object to being part of the compassion trap.  The need to serve others and provide tenderness and compassion at all times.  What this society needs is more emphasis on the need to serve others and provide tenderness, compassion , cooperation and love.

But God has set no traps. Quite the contrary. He has summoned us to the only true and full freedom. The woman who defines her freedom as doing what she wants, or not doing what she doesn’t want is, in the first place, evading responsibility.  Evasion of responsibility is the mark of immaturity. The woman’s liberation movement is characterized by this very immaturity. While telling themselves that they have come a long way, that they are actually coming of age, they have retreated to a partial humanity, one which refuses to acknowledge the vast significance of the sexual differentiation.  ( I do not say that they always ignore sexual differentiation but that the significance of it escapes them entirely.)  And the woman who ignores that fundamental truth, ironically misses the very thing that she has set out to find. By refusing to fulfill the whole vocation of womanhood she settles for a caricature, a pseudo personhood.” pg 53, 54 of Let me Be a Woman. by Elizabeth Elliot , published by Living Books.




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