Put That Woman in Her Place..a prayer

Dear Jesus, son of the living God  I come you today to ask you to put that woman in her place.  I ask you to make her to sincerely respect and honor me,  to obey me and do what i ask her to do, and to serve me as my helper and partner in life.

I realize oh lord, that you ask us to walk by faith and not by sight.  It is faith that you are seeking in us your servants, and I am aware  that women are asked to honor and obey their husbands by faith and that you honor them and reward them, in return, for their faith. But gracious Lord, today, may I ask you to grant that woman a special dispensation that she may given grace to do these things by sight alone.

I realize that if you grant this dispensation to that woman, that her reward for her obedience may be less than if she were to honor and obey strictly by faith, so I ask also that you will grant her, a great reward, even if she obeys only by sight.

So my Lord, I ask you to put that woman in her place.

I ask you to show her that I she is placed in a high and holy place, in every area of my life, just slightly below you yourself, where she will always be respected, cherished,  loved and protected.

I ask you to show  her that her feelings have been placed always before me, so that she will never be spoken to harshly, arrogantly, unkindly or unthoughtfully.

I ask that you would show her that she is placed in my heart, to the degree, that there will never be another women in my heart, real or imaginary, in any way, as long as she lives.

I ask you to show her that she is placed in a safe place, where she will be provided for, protected and honored as the first priority of my life.

I ask you to show her that I will not undertake any activity without consultation with both you and her, and that I will not proceed with anything unless I have a strong assurance that you both are in accord with the activity.

I ask you to show her that you have disciplined, crushed, and broken me, under the harsh whip of your intense love and mercy, and that, being now broken, I am granted access to your inner court, and there can obtain mercy and help both for us and for our children in time of need.

I ask you to show her, that being fully subordinate to you, that I have entered into the  stability of your will and will not be driven here and there by whims and fleshly desires.

I ask you to show her that in your will, I am now embarked only on the high adventure of your  purpose for me, a purpose  which will be rich in your love, your power and your peace and that by joining with me in this adventure that her life will thereby be immeasurably enriched.

I ask that will you grant to that woman this sight, to such a degree,, that she will come to earnestly desire this place reserved only for her, and, that she  will joyfully enter into it by her own free will, and accord.

I pray  that she will desire to obey me in all things knowing that I am always, carefully  obedient to you and your will.

I pray that she will consider it all joy to serve me knowing that because of who I am becoming in you, that no service rendered to me will be a humiliation or a reproach.

And I ask you Lord that she will honor and respect me because I have made you my dwelling, that I have loved you, and acknowledged your name, and because you,  yourself, have delivered and honored me.

And I ask oh lord, that when the books are opened that she will have a great reward for choosing to be my partner, my friend and my wife, and that she will receive her due share of recognition for any accomplishments that we may have achieved together.

So dear Lord, like Esau, the son of Isaac, I come with tears seeking that woman, the inheritance that you gave me. May I, unlike Esau, find a place of repentance.

So dear lord,  I pray, please .. put that woman in her place.










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