Greatest Break Up Song

The Jack Minor award for greatest break up song of all time is. Drum Roll please,   It Doesn’t Matter Anymore  by Linda Rondstadt.  Below is the Wikkipedia article on It.

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” is a pop ballad written by Paul Anka and recorded by Buddy Holly in 1958. The song reached No. 13 as a posthumous hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in early 1959 shortly after Holly was killed in a plane crash on February 3, 1959. The single was a two-sided hit, backed with “Raining in My Heart“. “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” was Holly’s last US Top 20 hit and featured the orchestral backing of Dick Jacobs. It was also successful in the United Kingdom.

Chart performance

In the United Kingdom the song reached No. 1 on April 24, 1959 and remained in the top slot for three weeks becoming the first posthumous No. 1 hit in UK chart history.[2] Holly would continue to achieve posthumous chart success in the UK well into the 1960s. In the United States it charted at number 13 in the Billboard Hot 100, Holly’s last top 20 hit in the country.

Cover versions

  • Wanda Jackson included a cover of this song on her 1961 album, There’s a Party Goin’ On.
  • John Barry did an instrumental cover, included on The EMI Years: 1961 compilation.
  • The song was covered by Freddie and the Dreamers on the album You Were Made for Me in 1964.
  • The song was covered by Linda Ronstadt on her multi-Platinum classic #1 album Heart Like a Wheel (1974); the single reached #20 Adult Contemporary, #47 Pop, and #54 Country in the fall of 1975.
  • The song appeared in BBC TV-seies Survivors episode 9, song by Chris Tranchell in 1975
  • New Zealand singer Mark Williams had a NZ number one hit with his cover in 1977.
  • An instrumental version was also recorded by Hank Marvin in 1996 on Hank Plays Holly.
  • The Seekers performed a cover on their 1997 album, Future Road.
  • Eva Cassidy‘s version of the song was the lead-in to her Imagine album, released posthumously in 2002.
  • Serena Ryder recorded a cover on her 2006 album If Your Memory Serves You Well
  • Marty Wilde did a cover version of the song on the DVD release of ‘The 50th Anniversary Concert in 2007.
  • In American Idol Season 11, Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick, and Candice Glover performed the song in the Las Vegas round

That’s a lot of longevity for a song. It came out in 1958 about when your parents were being born, and it still being  covered in 2007. Why, you may ask, do I include a breakup song in our Valentines series. My first reason is that there are a lot of us sitting out the dance this Valentines Day, and it helps to hurt together. I’d so love to be with my baby, to whom I was married for 31 years and with whom I have been divorced the last 9 years.  I still love her and I still miss her. Any maybe today your are missing your baby too.   If you have gone through break up this year and you are not expecting a Valentines Card,  let this song be your valentine from me.

I have seen several different videos of Linda singing this song, but this performance is by far the best.  Linda sings it in a way that, in acting, is called playing against the lines.  The lyrics to this song suggest an attitude of anger and defiance, but Linda’s interpretation is full of love, and wistfulness. Notice the sweet way she sings the word baby.  She interprets this song to be about a person still very much in love, trying very unsuccessfully  to convince herself that ” it doesn’t matter anymore.”

There’s an old crooner song that says,  “if you haven’t  gambled for love in the moonlight then you haven’t gambled at all.”  Love is a high stakes game, and most of us at one time or another have experienced the heartbreak of rejection by someone we love.  But don’t give up on love.  God loves you and if you will trust Him and let Him guide you there will be  someone out there for you.  “What about Jack  you say, how come God hasn’t come thru for you?”  Well me and my baby have become friends again, and the Lords direction to me is to remain faithful. And with that direction He has given me His peace and joy.  I really couldn’t be happier than I am right now.  And He is so faithful.

If you stay with the link to the  video of linda ,  after she sings, It doesn’t matter any more, she sings  Someone to Lay Down Beside me.     I have pasted the lyrics here.

 Someone To Lay Down Beside Me.

There’s somebody waiting alone in the street
For someone to walk up and greet

Here you are all alone in the city
Where’s the one that you took to your side
Lonely faces will stare through your eyes in the night
And they’ll say – woman sweet woman please come home with me
You’re shining and willing and free
But your love it’s a common occurence
Not like love that I feel in my heart
Still you know that may be what I need

Is someone to lay down beside me
And even though it’s not real
Just someone to lay down beside me
You’re the story of my life

Well morning is breaking the street lights are off
The sun will soon share all the cost
Of a world that can be sort of heartless
Not like love that you feel in our heart
Still you know that may be all you get


This is  the temptatation when your are alone and sad, to just, hookup with with some… body.  Don’t do it. It is a hollow and a  soul hollowing act.  It is really not that bad to be alone. After all you are a wonderful person. You know it. Enjoy yourself.   Its much better to stay home and watch videos of sad songs.   I remember doing that one night and came across the Cowboy Junkie version, of I’m so Lonesome I could cry.   I don’t know why but it made me feel much better. Check em out.  And remember, I’m pulling for you.

Lord Jesus, for the lonely person who reads this post, let them feel the comfort of your presence, the encouragement of your faithfulness,  and let them remember the sheer goodness of life.

I’m so lonesome I could Cry , Cowboy Junkies




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