Control the Stories

To control a society you dont need to control the court, you don’t need to control the armies. All you need to do is control It’s stories and it is tv and Madison Avenue that is telling most of the stories, most of the time, to most of the people .  Duane Elgin Advertisements

Coachella Culture

BeautyBeyondBones So if you didn’t know, the music festival, Coachella, was this weekend. I mean. Honestly, if I see another picture of a celebrity wearing a crochetcroptop, ripped acid wash jean shorts, and a flower crown while frolicking barefoot in Southern California, I might vom. It’s Coachella.You’re an ironic “millennial flower child.”We get it. OK […]

*What I Learned From Losing My Hair

BeautyBeyondBones I had a haircut today. And sitting in that chair, as my hair dresser exclaims, “You’ve gotso much hair!” I remember the long journey that has brought me here. You see, during my anorexia,my hair fell out. I mean, literally all of it. Not just like, “Oh my hair’s thinning!”No. We’re talking…I lost about […]

Dear Beyoncé,

This writers comments on pop culture are right on and far better than I could ever express. BeautyBeyondBones So Beyonce did a thing. Yes, The Queen Bey unexpectedly dropped a videoon us a couple days ago. But no, not for a song. Or a movie, or a music video. It was for an “athleisure” clothing […]