Dear Beyoncé,

This writers comments on pop culture are right on and far better than I could ever express.


So Beyonce did a thing.


Yes, The Queen Bey unexpectedly dropped a videoon us a couple days ago.

But no, not for a song. Or a movie, or a music video.

It was for an “athleisure” clothing line. Because, as you know, everybody and their brother is creating one.

And, in true Beyonce fashion, she had to one-up everyone. So her line, Ivy Park, is notjusta clothing line. Oh no. It’s amovement.


The video, entitled, “Where is your Park?” is a reflective, spiritual-feeling video, narratedwith feeling by the Queen herself, talking about this park -Ivy Park- where she would go when she needed to think, or train, or make a tough decision, or push herself. How all her life that park was her “go-to” place, that insomanywords, gave her the power to kick a$$ and become the boss she is today.

I’m telling…

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