Ive come a long way,  and  perhaps I still have a long to go in this matter of trust.  Years ago at a social event I was shocked when my wife rated her trust in me at 2 out of 10.  What?  I was even more shocked when she divorced me a few years later.. […]

V Card

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OK. It’s time we talk about virginity. *Takes a shot of whisky.* Scratch that. It’s time we talk about?my virginity. *Takes another shot. Slams down the glass.* Ok.?Now I feel prepared to take on this topic. Allow me to set the stage: Saturday night. 4 am. The sun is just starting…

To My Father

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Growing up, I had a weird fear. And actually, looking back it actually reveals a lot about me and my people pleasing tendencies. But I was always afraid that my dad would think I loved my mom more than him, and vice versa. I just remember always trying to make sure…


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So. This weekend was kind of a…break through of sorts for me. A new experience. A freeing feeling. Drumroll please……… I wore perfume. For me. Womp. Womp. I know, I know. If you were expecting something earth shattering, I apologize for the gross letdown. But just hear me out. I wear…