Ive come a long way,  and  perhaps I still have a long to go in this matter of trust.  Years ago at a social event I was shocked when my wife rated her trust in me at 2 out of 10.  What?  I was even more shocked when she divorced me a few years later.. […]

V Card

Beauty writes about the lonliness of being a virgin… i continue to be amazed by this girl and her amazing generosity in allowing us to share her journey. BeautyBeyondBones OK. It’s time we talk about virginity. *Takes a shot of whisky.* Scratch that. It’s time we talk aboutmy virginity. *Takes another shot. Slams down the […]

To My Father

A very touching fathers day post. BeautyBeyondBones Growing up, I had a weird fear. And actually, looking back it actually reveals a lot about me and my people pleasing tendencies. But I was always afraid that my dad would think I loved my mom more than him, and vice versa. I just remember always trying […]


Reading this blogger is like watching a dark red peonie blossom slowly unfold with time delay photography. Every blog is better, richer, wiser and more beautiful. It is impossible to recommend too highly. enjoy. BeautyBeyondBones So. This weekend was kind of a…break through of sorts for me. A new experience. A freeing feeling. Drumroll please……… […]