Breakfast Fellowship Cedarbrooke.

Affectionate greetings to all my readers.  I have news. Such news!!!  On June the 12 at 8 am we will be starting a new church plant here in Mission. It will be at the Cedarbrooke Chartwell Retirement Residence, 32331 7th Ave.   This just a little east of Hurd St on 7th ave.  The service will be from 8 to 9 am. Breakfast will be served at 9am and discussion and entertainment will happen during breakfast.  The breakfast costs will be covered  by the Fellowship, through the offering.

The vision of this church is to seek, by faith, to provide all who attend our services with an experience of the majesty and holiness of God, and a sensible awareness of the Holy Spirit, healing,  comforting, and convicting.  We are committed to seeing that every member has a meaningful ministry  to do for Jesus, and an exciting and joyful  experience in the body of Christ.

We at present ,are myself, and Ole Olsen.  Ole is a very accomplished musician, and worship leader and he too is excited by the prospects of this new church plant. Ole will be leading both the music and the entertainment portion that we will provide during breakfast. We believe that worship is not entertainment, but a very sacred and holy sacrifice that we present to the Lord together as one body. We take it very seriously that it is our job, as worship leaders, to make it easy for everyone in the congregation to participate fully in worshiping the Lord in song and praise.  We will do this by  choosing of songs which are simple and easily sung.

Pray for this new church plant, that God will provide the resources, both financial and human,  that are necessary for a great start. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide all our deliberations and choices and that He will be pleased with us.  Pray that many of the residents of Cedarbrooke, as well as many folk from the community  will attend the services and that all will have a great experience the majesty of the Lord. Pray also that God will guide us in matters of affiliation and incorporation and that dedicated men and women will make themselves available to become members and board members.

Breakfast Fellowship will not be just another church.  Although our our beliefs are solid, evangelical truths,  we want to be a church in which the priesthood of all believers is a reality and not just a theory. At Breakfast Fellowship, every believer is a pastor and my job as Bishop ( overseer) is to expect everyone  to be good pastors and to support and train them in their ministry. We expect everyone who is a member of Breakfast Fellowship to become part of a small group and to be actively starting new small groups.  Although this will no doubt take some time to implement, it is our core value, and belief, that the Real Church is the small group and that the gathered church,  ( that which we normally call church ) exists only to support and encourage the pastors of the small groups ( churches ).

This journey to plant a new church began last Oct, when I experienced a personal revival and it is so exciting and satisfying to see this dream and vision  beginning to take concrete shape.  The Lord has done so much to make this a reality, not least of which are all the ways that I have been changed over this past year. I cannot thank enough the Men of Mission, christian men’s group who have loved, and supported me through much deep water and many trials.  This has been an awesome year, and a true sabbatical year.  This blog is one of the many blessings of this year and to those who follow my blog, thankyou so much.












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