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So. This weekend was kind of a…break through of sorts for me.

A new experience. A freeing feeling.

Drumroll please………

I wore perfume.

For me.

Womp. Womp.

obama walk off gif

I know, I know. If you were expecting something earth shattering, I apologize for the gross letdown.

But just hear me out.

I wear Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It has beenmy signature scent since high school.

But, real talk: perfume is expensive. So I only wear it when…let’s be honest…I’m going to be around boys. Particularly boys I have a crush on.

Otherwise, it’s just Secret’s Tropical Island Fresh deodorant comin’ at’cha live.



But I woke up on Sunday morning, after an incredible night on Saturday, and I decided that, gosh darn it…I’m going to wear perfume today –for myself.

You see, Saturday night was unusual in that, I went out with just my guy friends. All my girls…

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