Strongholds that Prevent Revival

Revival is a word strange and foreign to our modern ears.  Many younger Christians know absolutely nothing about the pre-eminent place revival occupies in the history of the church.  They have never heard of the Methodist revival under Wesley and Whitefield,  the great awakenings preached by Jonathon Edwards or Charles Finney,  the great Welsh revival. the Korean revival, the Azusa St revival, or more recently the Hebrides revival and the 1970’s revival in Saskatoon.  The church  as always reinvented itself and moved forward through revival and every generation needs to experience revival for the church to grow and thrive.  Scriptures instruct the church to ” let each generation tell it’s children of your mighty acts: let them proclaim your power. Psalm 145:4  We have failed to do this in regard to revival and now this generation is departing from the Lord for they have never truly experienced the Lord in the glory of revival

What is a revival?  A revival is when God partners with the church in a tangible and remarkable way resulting in dramatic and tranformational conversion in believers.  During the Welsh revival almost one hundred thousand people received Jesus as Lord in an eight month period. This revival captured the attention of the world and spawned revivals in England, Ireland, Scotland and America and Korea.  Perhaps the most amazing revival in recent times was the Korean revival of 1907. Revival marks an individual or church for life. It delivers them from the power of sin, and empowers them to serve God with zeal and faithfulness, regardless of the circumstances. Revival works. It gets the job of conversion and discipleship done and done well. This report from the Korean revival is typical of revival reports. \

In less than two months some two thousand individuals came to faith in Christ in Pyongyang. On of the pyongyang missionaries commented, ” It paid well to have spent the several months in prayer. For when God the Holy Spirit came, He accomplished more in have a day, than all of us missionaries could have accomplished in half a year.  From 1906 to 1910 .  80,000 converts were added to the church throughout Korea. “

Revival is a profound mystery. Why if revival is so wonderful and results in such great glory to God why doesnt he send it all the time. It is a mystery why revival takes place in one region and not in another.  We wonder why Canada  hasn’t seen a major revival since 1970.  ( I don’t recognize the toronto vineyard church manifestations as genuine revival )  And why has revival fallen to such a low estimate that most Christians have never even heard of it.

Lets Get Up a Revival

The expression ” get up a revival ” comes from the great revivalist Charles Finney would was quite confident that it was well within our capacity to ” get up a revival”. Getting up a revival may be possible, but it never has been easy at any time in history.  The hardest part of getting up a revival is really believe that is can be done, and then fully obey the Lord in the process of doing it.  Believing is not easy, and full obedience is very difficult. Out sinful flesh opposes believing and obeyinig every inch of the way.  Moreover because of the many years without revival we have come to accept as normal a complacent lukewarm Christian experience which is bereft of belief and obedience. To rationalize and justify this status quo we have developed a number of beliefs to tell ourselves that this is ok. These beliefs are are ideas which appear true but which contain significant and debilitating lies. I believe these ” Lying Truths ” are what the apostle Paul described in 1 Cor 10:4 as stronghold.

For though we walk in the flesh , we do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty before God to the casting down of strongholds. casting down imaginatioins and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God.

These strongholds are just notions that prevent believers from doing everything in their power to achieve revival, either personal or corporate.  They are not easy to cast down as they have a foundation in scripture and have an appearance of Godliiness, truth and wisdom

Strongholds prevent believers from believing with confidence and acting in obedience. Thus they also indirectly prevent God from sending revival.  They also encourage the church to trust in vain and unprofitable activities in the pace of revival. Unlike the Korean missionaries we will not spend ourselves in months of prayer seeking revival because our confidence is in other means.

Thankfully these strongholds have no power in themselves, other than that which we give them by believing in them,  To recognize these strongholds as lies is to destroy them and thereby release believers to diligently and effectively pursue revival.  All of us have been deceived by one or more of these strongholds . We have learned them from our spiritual childhood from Godly and trusted teachers.  To recognize the lie in each of these strongholds can be very difficult.

These strongholds are organized according to four divisions.

1 Strongholds of false humilty.

2 Strongholds of minimization/ dismissal.

3 Strongholds of pretension.

4 Strongholds of Unbelief.

Each particular stronghold is examined according to five categories

1     the partial truth it contains.

2     the lie is contains.

3     The consequence of believing the lie.

4     The complete and balanced truth.

5     The unwritten rule the stronghold seeks to enforce.

Strongholds of False Humility 

Stronghold of false humilty are built around the erroneous notion that we lift God up by putting ourselves down.  These are difficult strongholds to address because they are expressed  as pious statements about the holiness, greatness and unsearchableness of God and they are published by passionate, faithful men and women of God.  Although God is indeed great and His ways higher than our ways,  if we are to achieve revival we must search out His ways, and enter into all that a believer is allowed to.  We must know who we are in Christ and that He expects us to be like Him. As Jesus Christ is,  so are we in the world.  1 John 4:17

Stronghold of Minimization 

These strongholds minimize the importance and neccessity of revival.  It is the kiss of death by faint praise.  Nobody every admits to being against revival but those who are deceived by these strongholds are in reality against revival.  They will suggest that revival is merely a season of refreshing,  or a time of encouragment.  Revival must be recognized as an absolute neccessity to be sought at all costs.   Strongholds of minimization offer false comforts and unwarranted encouragement.  These are the strongholds of those who refuse to see the weak and declining condition of the church.

Strongholds of Pretension 

Strongholds of pretension are held by those who desire revival so passionately that they are willing to fake it till they make it. They proclaim shortcuts and quick keys to revival and they result in a an appearance of revival only. The core error these strongholds make is a failure to distinquish between the cause of revival and the appearance of revival.  The cause of revival both scripturally and historically is persevering, travailing prayer leading to confession and repentence of sin.  The appearance of revival includes passionate outbursts of joy or of Godly fear, shouting, passionate worship and singing, signs wonders and healing  and expressions of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  People who believe these strongholds will manipulate believers into demonstrating these appearances  pressing them to shout or prophesy ect ect. Though folk may shout during a revival. God is not deceived by a unrevived church going through the motions of revival producing a pseudo revival.   “He demands truth in the inward parts” . Psalm 51:6 .  These Pseudo revivals,  such as the Airport Vineyard experience may be very dramatic and but they do not bear the fruit of a true revival. ( see the confession of an Airport Vineyard Pastor in the addendum ) . ‘The fruit of true revival in every case is transformed lives and communities that glorify the Lord with righteousness and holiness.  True revival is a blessing to all the churches and is accountable to all the churches. It stands up to examination from every angle and by every constituency.  Even the secular community cannot find fault with true revival.  A sure sign that something is a pseudo revival is that the  leaders of it are quick to label and criticism of the revival as a work of the enemy and the critics as having ” a spirit of religion “.

Strongholds of Unbelief 

Strongholds of unbelief publish that it is rational, acceptable and even commendable not to believe that can expect to enter into revival. This stronghold conceals the truth that unbelief is sin, and perhaps the foundation of all sin. Unbelief is not Ok and it is never commendable. Folk who are deceived by these strongholds see clearly the degenerate, weakened condition of the church but fail to see their own need for personal revival, or the sufficiency of Christ. No stronghold is more powerful to prevent revival than unbelief . It is a pernicious and deadly sin.  Revival will surely come when we confidently have faith that it will and patiently labour for its appearing.

Specific Strongholds 

Strongholds of false Humility 

Stronghold 1.    Revival is a sovereign work of God 

Partial Truth    God is indeed sovereign in all things.  Psalm 103:19   The Lord has                            established his throne in Heaven and His sovereignty rules over all .  Daniel 4:35   All            the  inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing. But He does according to His               will in the host of heaven.  And among the inhabitants of the earth  and not one can               ward off His hand or say to Him, What have you done ? \

God knows the end from the beginning and is involved in all things.  He is the potter, we are the clay

The Lie        /The lie in this statement is the suggestion that God works unilaterally in                      revival apart from the will and effort of man. It portrays revival as a completely                different category of Divine work  and that it is a,  completely mysterious, b it is                  neither possible nor morally acceptable for believers to take the intiative to ” get                up a revival “.

Consequence of the lie.   This lie prevents the church from taking responsability to understand, initiate or promote revival removing the responsability to learn and the duty to fight.

The full Truth..   Revival is like most things a collaboration beween God and man.  Although ultimately it is God who initiates all things,  from a human perspective all revivals are initiated by man and come into effect only as man does that which is pleasing to God and thereby obtains Gods blessing and participation.   Revival has historically happened when at least one  but more commonly two or more believers have decided that a revival is neccessary and  have prayed in the revival.  Charles Finney , one of histories most successful revivalists loathed this particular stronghold, arguing that revival is no more a sovereign miracle than is a crop of wheat. See footnote.

False rule    It is wrong and presumptuous to promote revival .

Stronghold 2    We all Sin and Grace is sufficient 

Partial truth    We all have sinned before experiencing  sanctification  We all are limited by our human condition, which includes our personality our limited knowledge our physical limitation. We will always be subject to temptation and there is always a possibility that we will yield to temptation. We do not become God when we become revived.  The Lord is indeed a loving a gracious Lord, merciful and patient with us.  No one deserves Gods mercy, love or blessing.

Lie         It is a lie to say that all Christians sin..  Sanctified Christians have been set free from the law of sin and death and are not slaves to sin and therefore do  not sin. This lie portrays the continual confession of sin by believes as a mark of authenticity and genuine humility and conversely argues that the profession of being set free from sin as a mark of arrogant self deception.   Because this stronghold argues that all continue to sin, it also teaches that salvation is Gods grace is the act of  covering sin rather than removing it.   This lie  gives the false assurance that we can please God and go to heaven despite continuing in deliberate sin.   The lie is that we are sinners saved by grace. 

Consequence of the lie.  There is little conviction of either sin or righteousness in the church. Sin is regarded as OK in a believers life and believers are deluded into thinking that they are under grace and bound for heaven despite the fact that they continue to deliberately and addictively sin.  Believes do not deal with sin, and God does not hear their prayers as a result and does not send revival to them

Full Truth     Those who are walking in the Spirit do not sin, but ” fully meet the righteous requirements of the law. They have been set free from the law of sin and death.     Romans 8 :1-4 . Those who are born of God do not sin. 1 John 3:4-11 .  The core gospel message is that Jesus was revealed to take away sins. I John 3:5.   Sin is not Ok. Sin will destroy our relationship with /God in this life and spoil our hope to have a home in heaven.  Grace does not condone, justify or cover sin in any way.  Grace makes a way for the sinner to be forgiven, cleansed and empowered not to sin.  The truth is that by grace we become saints delivered from sin. 

False rule..  It is wrong to challenge those who continue in deliberate sin  as to the reality of their faith.

Stronghold 3   Only God can convict of Sin 

Partial Truth..   Only God can fully reach the depths of the human heart and bring about genuine remorse for sin.

Lie      Preachers have no business focusing on sin because the conviction of sin is God’s exclusive business.   This lies goes on to suggest that everyone is aware of their sin and do not need anyone informing them of their sins or making them feel more guilty for their sins.

Consequence     Preachers have stopped preaching about sin , and the church somehow assumes that believers will become convicted of sin apart from direct preaching about sin.  As a result believers are engaged in every kind of sin, and feel very little if any conviction that their sins are crimes against God, their community or themselves.

Full Truth    Conviction comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. God sends the preacher to declare to the church her transgressions.    The conviction of both sin and righteousness are the core components of revival  and this work of conviction is again a collaboration between God and the church.  The church prays, the preacher preaches, and the Holy Spirit makes it real to the heart.    The words of Isaiah in Isaiah 58:1 are still very relevant  ”  Shout it aloud,  do not hold back.  “Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendents of Jacob their sins.”

false rule It is wrong to preach regarding sin or to show believers all the ways that they break the law of God.

Stronghold 4   Christ is what it is all about 

Truth     The importance or centrality of Christ cannot be overstated.  He is the Head of the church and everything we receive from God is based in his sacrifice on the cross. Without  Christ”s saving grace and empowerment we would be completely unable to please God or be effective in any service to God.

Lie    By implication if Christ is what it is ALL about  than it ( the focus of our work ) is not about individuals at all. This lie undermines the critical importance of believers in the work of revival, and the immense worth of a faithful soul to Christ.

Consequence of this lie   When we are decieved by this stronghold we feel that we as individuals are inadequate to the task of revival, and dismiss the tremendous transformation that Christ has wrought in us through salvation and sanctification.

Full Truth    The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit makes a person Holy, powerful and exceedingly valuable in God’s economy. From Jesus’s point of view , it’s all about you, He wants to know whether you will stand up and be His man or woman in this hour.  Revival depends solely on you to rise to your full potential in Christ.  Of course the Lord will use others, and you have a need to work with others in prayer and service. But the attitude that the Lord is lookiing for is one of intense personal responsability.  The conviction of sin and righteousness will come upon sinners only as they are confronted by the glorious life of a truly righteous person.  They will awake to Christ only as they are awakened to you. Ironically,  when you become truly focused on Christ as the central purpose of your life, the revival will become all about you.

False rule   It is wrong and arrogant to speak of yourself as righteous or in victory over sin, or to call yourself a revivalist.

Strongholds of Minimization 

Stronghold 5    Revival is a season of refreshing 

Truth     Revival in its  fervant period is indeed a season, lasting from a few weeks to a few years typically.  Revival is also a refreshing experience .

Lie.        By implication this stronghold suggests that revival is not to be considered a normal or neccessary experience.   At best it is only to be regarded as a limited season  of emotional excitement after which it is neccessary to get back to the “real” business of daily christian living.  Revival is equated with a week of camp meeting and is nice but certainly not neccessary.

Consequence of the lie.   The complacent and lukewarm character of typical christianity is condoned and justified, and all sense of need or urgency for revival is quenched.

Full Truth.    whereas the corporate revival may last only for a season,  revival in the individual is a transforming experience which lasts a lifetime.  The revived, sanctified life is normal, whereas the complacent lukewarm life is only typical. Revival is the work of making our calling and election sure and without revival the church will slide into ever greater apostasy.  Revival is not an optional upgrade or the province of mystical pentecostals only.

False rule    It is insensitive to promote revival with a sense of urgency or suggest that it is a necessary experience for all believers.

Stronghold 6    Our children will all return to the Lord because they raised up as Christians . 

Truth    The scriptures and bible stories we taught our children remains in them which gives the Holy Spirit  and opportunity to convict them in the future. Many prodigals will return to the church especially when they in turn have children and are concerned for their spiritual instruction

Lie   ‘The lie is the false comfort and hope that our children will escape the massive falling away that is happening now, Even If There Is No Revival . This lie is based largely upon Proverbs 6 which states” Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

Consequence of the lie. Believers are deluded in thinking that their children will certainly return to faith , and do not except the desperate peril they are in.  They ignore the powerful influence of the anti-god culture we live in,  and fail to realize that revival is the one great hope they have for their childrens salvation.

Full Truth.   Raising up a child in the way he should go, means to raise them up in an environment of genuine revival,  in which they personally experience God and experience their parents walking in Christian love and righteousness.  Very few children have this heritage, and instead have experienced apathetic and carnal christianity, both in their homes and in the church.  They have experienced church splits,  blatant sin, slander and greed in the church.  They also have witnessed the embarrasing excesses of the fringe movements.  For these prodigals to return to faith will be a miraculous act of mercy and not a fulfillment of Proverbs 22:6

False Rule It is wrong to warn parents about the dire danger their prodigals are in.

Stronghold 6   Christ likeness will be achieved by church programs without revival. 

Truth     2 Tim 4:2   says ” preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct,  rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.  The church programs do much good and  are bearing fruit in various ways.  The gospel continues to be proclaimed and believers are engaged in various programs of discipleship.

Lie      The lie is the belief that Christian programs, knowledge of the scipture,  and accountability relationships are sufficient to bring a person to christ likeness and sanctification without that person having a sanctification experience. This lie contends that all the various ministries, and the significant amount of training leaders have received, is equivelent to a revival.

Consequence of the lie.  The church puts it’s trust and energy into programs and not into prayer and specifically prayer for revival.  Christians and pastors are wallowing in sin, and the standards of the church continue in freefall.  The statistics of sin in the church mirrors exactly the statistics in the world.

Full Truth.    Church programs are good and wholesome but are not an reasonable facsimile of revival. Without revival the church is to quote Paul,  ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth” 2 Tim 3:7 Only being sanctified in revival brings victory over sin and true power to serve.

False rule   vigorously promoting revival is wrong because it is am implied criticism of the church and its leadership.

Strongholds of Pretension  ( pseudo revival ) 

Stronghold 7   The Next Revival will be a new thing.

Truth      Revival is always a new and fresh experience, relevant to the times it is in.  Revivals are often characterized by some new measure or practice which at the time is controversial.

Lie     The next revival will be so intrinsically different from past revivals that the standards and principles of past revivals will be irrelevant . This new revival cannot be judged or evaluated against revivals of the past

Consequence of the lie.   Believers do not study past revivals to learn the principles they need to guide present revivals. Leaders are enabled by this lie to promote any kind of nonsense or heresy on the ground that it is a new thing.   The notion is taught that God will not use strong leaders as He has in the past in this new revival . On the grounds that it is a new thing irreverence and disrespect are tolerated and even praised. NEW THING becomes an excuse for ANYTHING and the word revival becomes a code word for delusional nonsense.

Full Truth    God has not changed, and sinful man has not changed.  We are still in the church age, and the principles of the new covenant still apply.  Every real revival rests solidly on the foundations of past revivals. Every real revival is a renewal of righteousness, holiness, reverence and obedience and faith. The sermons, songs stories  of past revivals are as relevant today  as they were four hundred years ago.  The argument that our times is different and requires a new kind of revival does not wash.  It was’t any easier to preach revival in Wesley’s day than it is now. The next revival will be a revival of biblical truth, delivered in a biblical way.

False rule  You cannot judge these new and unbliblical practices because they are New Things.

Stronghold 8     God will not use prominent leaders as he has in past revivals. 

Truth   God uses many people to bring about a revival and often quite lowly people such as Peggy and Christine Smith, elderly ladies who prayed down the Hebrides revival.  The Lord is no respecter of persons and will use anybody who willing and spiritually prepared to serve.

Lie     God will not raise up authoritative leaders to guide and discipline the revival. Rather it will be an entirely spontaneous movement in which everybody will lead.

Consequence of the lie.    Christians feel justified and even superior in their insubordination and disobedience to leadership.  Everybody does what is right in their own eyes.  This stronghold is simply a justification of the spirit of our age which is extreme individualism and a rejection of God’s authority expressed though chosen leadership.

Full Truth    The Lord always chooses leaders to initiate,  guide and discipline revival.  The Lord calls some to be revivalists, and prepares them with understanding of revival,  and teaches them self discipline and holiness so that He can be  confident that He can use them in revival. Without such revivalists there is little hope of initiating revival and no hope at all of sustaining one.   Revivalists must be able to hear from the Lord, and be willing to stand alone and deliver His truth regardless of popularity or opposition.

False rule ..  It is wrong for a person to desire to be a revivalist, or claim that the Lord has chosen him or her to give leadership to revival.

Stronghold 9    Revival is primarily about the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit 

Truth     During revival the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself in and through individuals in various and unpredictable ways, and because the Holy Spirit’s presence is so real to the senses their will be a significant degree of exercising the gifts of the Spirit.

Lie.    The Lie is found in the word primarily.   When seekers identify revival as being manifestations of the Spirit they come to the erroneous notion that a revival can be caused by giving much latitude for the manifestion of the Holy Spirit.  This leads to terrible excesses in which churches declare their manifestations to be a glorious revival regardless of how odious or silly these so-called manifestions may be.

Consequences of the lie.   Manifestation pseudo revivals ( my term ) do not attend to the issue of sin nor are the participants engaged in persistant travailing prayer for revival.  The  Manifestation revival leaders reject the principles of order and reverence on the grounds that they stifle freedom and are in fact evidences of a “spirit of religion “.  These manifestation revivals do much damage to the participants, and do not lead to any affect on the secular community whatsoever.

Full Truth.  Although historically there have always been various kinds and degrees of manifestations during revival, this has never been the object or the content of revival preaching. Revivalists have always insisted on order and reverence and have focused their preaching on sin, righteousness and judgement to come.  The real test of revival is neither the degree of manifestations or the number of miracles that take place, but the ongoing  revival in the lives of those sanctified in the revival resulting in righteousness , holy living and fervant love for the both the brethren and the lost. The ultimate test of genuine revival is the impact that it has on the secular community that surrounds it.

False rule..  It is wrong and an evidence of a spirit of religion to criticize or stifle any behaviour which is claimed to be a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, however ludicrous it may be.

Stronghold 10    Ministering in the Prophetic will bring revival and in fact is itself and evidence of revival 

Truth    God does speak powerfully through His servants and prophecy is a legitimate gift of the Holy Spirit.   The gift of prophecy is often seen in revival. During the Welsh revival of 1904 Evan Roberts, the revivalist, often operated with the gift of knowledge.

Lie    This stronghold contends that revival will be initiated by prophetic declarations rather than by the diligent , intelligent work of called and chosen revivalists.  This stronghold also contends that  revival will come about through NEW revelations, NEW foundations, and the infectious spread of prophetic ministry.

Consequence of the lie.  “Ministering in the prophetic” which  is becoming a core element of pseudo revival  does not focus on the interpretation of the word , in order to persuade men, but rather upon prophetic declaration in order to contend with presumed angelic beings.   These self styled prophets engage in extremely mystical and unverifiable actions such,  ” establishing new foundation”, dropping plum lines,  or binding principalities and powers.  Finally they have the unbiblical and unethical notion that they can infect others with their prophetic powers through physical contact.

Full Truth   Revival will not come untill there is a conviction of sin, righteousness and judgement to come. There is a five fold ministry and the prophetic ministry is a legitimate and needed role in the church today. However the role of the prophet is to persuade men,  using the scripture to comfort., encourage and challenge .  There is one foundation and that is Christ. All the elements needed for entering the Kingdom of God and receiving the fullness of the Spirit were made available to all by the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Christ has provided everything we need for life and Godliness.  I Peter 1L3

Stronghold 11.  Revival will come by authoritative declaration and positive confession. 

Truth ..  Faith is necessary to please God and to see revival in our times we must genuinely know our authority in Christ and confidently believe that the Lord will hear our prayers,  bless the work of our hands and send revival.

Lie.   The lie is that faith is best expressed and perhaps only expressed by words of positive confession.  and authoritative prophetic declaration.  This lie contends that we have been given the authority to triumph over evil and that we achieve this primarily speaking it out.

Consequence of the Lie.   Believers make boastful declarations without any assurance that God has authorized them. They put their trust in these declarations, and rejoin in victories they have not won.  They see no connection between the triumph of evil and their own sin,  especially their sin of presumptiousness.  Despite the fact that word faith teachers have been declaring the great end time revival for over forty years we have seen no significant revival during this period.

Full Truth.. Faith is expressed better by deeds than by words. Heart faith, feet faith, and  hand faith are all just as important as word faith. For revival to come these deeds must include travailing prayer, effectual revival preaching that destroys every stronghold that rises up against the knowledge of God. There is no shortcut to revival. God will collaborate with His church in revival when her ways are fully pleasing to Him.

False rule.. It is wrong to disagree with a positive confession or declaration regarding revival.

Strongholds of Unbelief

Stronghold 12    The church in the west will not experience revival until …

Truth     The church has not had revival for a long time in the West and there are many reasons for this including materialism,  wealth, media distractions, the challenge of secularism ,and the influence of secular education.   It is genuinely difficult to believe that we will experience revival until something cataclysmic like persecution or a great depression, shocks us out of our complacency.   History teaches that persecution purifies the church,  removes the hypocrites and often results in revival.   The Western church is complacent, arrogant, and unbelieving and we have not experienced revival in over forty years, why should we expect it now.

Lie  The lie is the notion that any circumstance can dictate either what we the church can do or what the Lord can do.

Consequence of the lie.   Believers feel justified in their unbelief and excused from the responsability of seriously seeking revival or of dealing with their own materialism and sin.  Seeking revival is considered a complete waste of time and effort.  Revival is not possible UNDER the present circumstances.

Full Truth   Nothing is stopping revival in the West but our own disobedience and unbelief.  We  will have revival when we are determined to have revival and are willing to pay the price which that involves.  God loves us and is willing that none should perish and He longs to send revival. Our unbelief is our fundamental and worst sin. It is profoundly offensive to God for it reflects our low opinion of both His goodness and His power.  The church is not UNDER the circumstances but UNDER  a God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

Unspoken Rule   Promoting Revival in West is a ludicrous waste of time and effort.

Stronghold 13   Everybody knows about Revival 

Truth..     Revivals have had such an enormous impact on our history and culture that it is almost impossible not to have at least a nodding aquaintance with the subject

Lie.    Knowing a smattering about revival is sufficient for the average Christian or pastor.

Consequence of the lie.  Pastors and believers feel morally justified to be almost entirely ignorant of the great history or principles of revival.  Bible Colleges do not teach this subject with any degree of  thoroughness and pastors do not inform their congregations of the exceeding glory and importance of the revival in our history.

Full Truth   Knowledge of the history of revival is the foundation of the next revival.  This knowledge builds faith and gives instruction on obedience for if God could send revival then and there He can send revival here and now.  There is absolutely no excuse for this continuing ignorance as all this information is fully available on the web. A few searches which may include, ” histories greatest revivals,  the great revivalists, principles of revival, and great revival quotes will turn up a wealth of information. Armed with this knowledge the believer will not be deceived by pseudo revival, and led astray by false teaching.   The journey toward becoming a revivalist starts with a thorough knowledge of past revivals.

False Rule    studiing these past revivals is a waste of time as our present world is too different from what it was then.

In conclusion I encourage you to join those who are fervently, patiently travailing in prayer for revival..  Consider starting a revival prayer meeting .  Book a revivalist and have some revival meetings.  There is no guarantee that you will have revival if you do these things but an absolute guarantee that you will not be revived, if you do nothing.

I have a deep burden to preach revival and am willing to go wherever the Spirit sends me.  May the Lord , in wrath remember mercy and send us revival in our times.

For further study,  The Methodist Revival under John Wesley,  Jonathon Edwards and the 2nd Great Awakening,  the Irish revival of 1859,  The Welsh Revival, the Korean Revival,  the Pentecostal Revival at Azusa St.  and the Saskatoon Revival

There is a really enlightening confession by a pastor of the Toronto Vineyard which can be found at /2009/10/23/ the-toronto-deception








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