Recreation results in obedience

I am finding it interesting the way my posts have winded here and there. For the last few days I have been confronting feminism,  as i have been reading Elisabeth Elliots book , Let Me Be a Woman.  Today I read the book as I walked down the lane with my little dog, Yumi.  It […]

There is a place for us. quotes from Elisabeth Elliot

 This quote is taken from ch 18 of Let Me Be a Woman  by Elizabeth Elliot Wind weather and tide fulfill His word. It is a calming, steadying thing to know that there is a word for us as well.  Psalm 144:12 says ” May our daughters be like corner pillars  cut for the structure […]

Put That Woman in Her Place..a prayer

Dear Jesus, son of the living God  I come you today to ask you to put that woman in her place.  I ask you to make her to sincerely respect and honor me,  to obey me and do what i ask her to do, and to serve me as my helper and partner in life. […]

Oh Lord put Women and Men in their place.

Reflections on Feminism I am no misogynist. I love women, and enjoy their company immensely.  I find them delightful in their compassion, wisdom, intuition and  enthusiasm.  I remember going out for drinks with three women from the theatre group I was involved in back in the 90’s.  We began discussing our favorite plays or movies, […]

God sets no traps , an excerpt from Let me be a Woman. by ELizabeth Elliot

It seems a reasonable expectation for any man who has a traditional view of God and of his own manhood, that he will be absolutely hammered on by feminists, who will feel entitled to treat him with utter contempt and call  him any manner of vile things. And it doesn’t seem  to make much difference […]