Revival Prayer

This page is dedicated to  requesting prayer for Revival in General, for the ministry of myself in particular and for my family and for those who wish to add their own prayer requests .  I encourage you to make a commitment to regularly pray for Revival Now Ministry and I also encourage you to send in prayer requests which will added to our prayer list.  May God bless you richly for your generosity and grace in supporting us in Prayer. Thank you from my heart.    Jack Minor

It is Gods will for us to pray earnestly for revival and especially for revivalists..  Please pray that God will raise up many,dedicated and effective revivalists.  I ask you to pray  for me that:

1  … God will lead me into all truth about revival, so that i will be a knowledgeable and effective , a  workman who needeth not to be ashamed.

2…. God will open doors for me minister revival and provide everything needed .

3….God will raise up team members who will minister with me and prayer partners who dedicate themselves to keeping this ministry nourished by prayer.

4.    Pray that  for my family,  for restoration,  blessing, unity  and protection.

5      pray for healing for my wife Guja ( we are presently divorced ) from a condition in which she requires  regular blood transfusions.

6 Pray for the Sparrows Nest Orphanage in Gweru, Zimbabwe. The challenges imposed by the political situation in Zimbabwe are immense and there are almost 4 million malnourished children in that nation. A huge percentage of the children have no parents and are being raised by very overworked grandparents. This orphanage is a day program to help grandparents and to make sure the children are properly fed.  Jack Minor is sensing that God wants Him and Revival now to take on the challenge of providing the finances for this wonderful work of God.

7  Pray for  a men’s group meeting on Jan 2, that God will bring out many men and that He will manifest His presence in effectual, fervent ministry,  and revival .