Images of God The Tabernacle, Jesus, and You

Last week on facebook I posed the question, why can people who claim to be Christian do profoundly evil things.  I used the illustration of the New England puritans and some of the horrible things that they did.  But the Puritans are not alone in this. We will find folk who claim to be Christian […]

Strongholds that Prevent Revival

Revival is a word strange and foreign to our modern ears.  Many younger Christians know absolutely nothing about the pre-eminent place revival occupies in the history of the church.  They have never heard of the Methodist revival under Wesley and Whitefield,  the great awakenings preached by Jonathon Edwards or Charles Finney,  the great Welsh revival. […]

There is a place for us. quotes from Elisabeth Elliot

 This quote is taken from ch 18 of Let Me Be a Woman  by Elizabeth Elliot Wind weather and tide fulfill His word. It is a calming, steadying thing to know that there is a word for us as well.  Psalm 144:12 says ” May our daughters be like corner pillars  cut for the structure […]

The Look and Feel of the Tabernacle Journey

I have been asked, what exactly does the Tabernacle Journey look like.  That is a good question because it probably will not look like anything that you familiar with unless you have some background in Theatre for Living which most people do not. Theatre for Living  is a way of communication, using theatre games, and […]

My Journey into the Tabernacle Journey

I would like to invite you to join me on a spiritual journey through the tabernacle of Moses.  This is a spiritual discipline that I have been using in my own life for many years. I have always received spiritual insight and encouragement from this discipline, but with my new experience of sanctification in revival, […]