Images of God The Tabernacle, Jesus, and You

Last week on facebook I posed the question, why can people who claim to be Christian do profoundly evil things.  I used the illustration of the New England puritans and some of the horrible things that they did.  But the Puritans are not alone in this. We will find folk who claim to be Christian […]

Strongholds that Prevent Revival

Revival is a word strange and foreign to our modern ears.  Many younger Christians know absolutely nothing about the pre-eminent place revival occupies in the history of the church.  They have never heard of the Methodist revival under Wesley and Whitefield,  the great awakenings preached by Jonathon Edwards or Charles Finney,  the great Welsh revival. […]

The Importance of the Tabernacle Journey Ch 3

For the last few days my posts have been very eclectic, love songs and such,  and, for me at least, they have been a lot of fun. But the Lord is cracking the whip, as it were, and reminding me to stay focused on that which is transcendent and truly important. With that in mind […]

Oh Lord put Women and Men in their place.

Reflections on Feminism I am no misogynist. I love women, and enjoy their company immensely.  I find them delightful in their compassion, wisdom, intuition and  enthusiasm.  I remember going out for drinks with three women from the theatre group I was involved in back in the 90’s.  We began discussing our favorite plays or movies, […]

God sets no traps , an excerpt from Let me be a Woman. by ELizabeth Elliot

It seems a reasonable expectation for any man who has a traditional view of God and of his own manhood, that he will be absolutely hammered on by feminists, who will feel entitled to treat him with utter contempt and call  him any manner of vile things. And it doesn’t seem  to make much difference […]

Finding Balance, Diary entry Jan 27

Jan 27 I havn’t added to my diary for some time now, but I have still been experiencing the Revival of God and am advancing in the Lord. Scripture memorization has been a very important part of my discipline.  I have memorized Romans ch 8.  Hebrews ch 12, Psalm 91, and now I am memorizing […]