About Jack Minor

Jack Minor is a reluctant revivalist.  He certainly would not be most people’s first choice for that career.   Some great pastors are known for their single minded devotion to the Lord and their calling.  Jack is not.  He has spent about 12 years of his 62 year old life in pastoral ministry. The other years ( beside his childhood ) he spent doing a variety of jobs and interests including construction for a living and acting on stage for fulfillment.  He was married for 31 years to a very lovely lady, Guja,   with whom he has four amazing children. Jack has long had an interest in revival, beginning in his student days in Bible college when he studied  Wesley and Finney and the many  other great revivalists and their revivals.  His more recent interest in revival has come about thru his concern for his children that they should be exposed to revival.  Not the best of all motivations but still good enough to get him going, and in his research and re-reading of Charles Finney’s teaching,   Jack has found himself being revived.  Being revived his motivation is now that Jesus would be glorified and the world would be changed by a genuine and sweeping revival.   And Jack has committed himself to doing all that he can do  toward what would be, ( in Finneys words), ” getting up a revival .”  This blog is Jacks first concrete step toward that end.   He welcomes your comments, criticisms and contributions.