The Greatest Italian Love Song

And now the award for the Greatest Italian Love song , chosen from among the hundreds if not thousands of great Italian love songs of which I know at least three,, drum roll please, and the envelope,  lets hear it for my lovely assistant..  And the award goes to;  Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi Ti […]

The Greatest Love Song of the 20th Century

The Jack Minor award for the best love song of the 20th Century goes to, drum roll please, may I have the envelope…. Mary in the Morning The version I chose is sung by Glen Campbell. Heres the discography  in it from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Mary in the Morning” is a song written by […]

Greatest Break Up Song

The Jack Minor award for greatest break up song of all time is. Drum Roll please,   It Doesn’t Matter Anymore  by Linda Rondstadt.  Below is the Wikkipedia article on It. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” is a pop ballad written by Paul Anka and recorded by Buddy Holly in 1958. The song reached No. 13 as […]

All time Greatest First Nations Love Song

St Valentines Day is just around the corner and in honor of St Valentino I am going to hand out the Jack Minor awards for great love songs, beginning with the award for..( drum roll please )  the All Time Greatest First Nations love song, Until It’s Time For you to Go by Buffy Sainte-Marie.  […]

Canadian Grandmother rescues Mexican Prostitutes, reports from missions fest

Bopping about Mission’s fest ( I was bopping indeed ) I came across a booth womaned by a fairly elderly woman and she piqued my curiosity. What is this OLD ONE doing here ?  So I asked her. As she began telling me her story my tears began falling.  About 12 years ago she, Dorothy […]

Bible for Children, Mission Fest Reports

Superwonderful reports of amazing things God is doing today  from Mission’s Fest 2016.  I am so blessed by what I received at Mission’s Fest that I must share it with you. God is so wonderful. What He has done, and what He is doing is so encouraging. My faith took a tremendous boost. I was […]