Recreation results in obedience

I am finding it interesting the way my posts have winded here and there. For the last few days I have been confronting feminism,  as i have been reading Elisabeth Elliots book , Let Me Be a Woman.  Today I read the book as I walked down the lane with my little dog, Yumi.  It […]

There is a place for us. quotes from Elisabeth Elliot

 This quote is taken from ch 18 of Let Me Be a Woman  by Elizabeth Elliot Wind weather and tide fulfill His word. It is a calming, steadying thing to know that there is a word for us as well.  Psalm 144:12 says ” May our daughters be like corner pillars  cut for the structure […]

Put That Woman in Her Place..a prayer

Dear Jesus, son of the living God  I come you today to ask you to put that woman in her place.  I ask you to make her to sincerely respect and honor me,  to obey me and do what i ask her to do, and to serve me as my helper and partner in life. […]